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ICE Event London May 9 2024.
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2024 NEWS

1 Jan.  Title of the new book is decided. It will be WE GAVE A DAM. 

8 Jan. Comments received form AH on chapters 1-8.

12 Jan. First Comments received for Warren Hibbs and Rick Randall on sill towing and lowering. 

23 Jan. Meeting with Bob Napthine at his home in Maidstone. He worked with Costain on the barrier for a year on the Tender then on site from 1974-76. Became Chief Engineering manager for Costain International and on the Tender and on site on the Channel Tunnel until 1994.

30 Jan. There will be 32 pages of photos and drawings in the book. Much work to do.

5 Feb. Epilogue complete.

14 Feb. First draft of book cover received from Terry Bannon.

20 Feb. Made contact with Adrian Franklin, The surviving CTH Project Manager.

21 Feb. Received details of George Davies the ER on barrier site for RPT.

26 Feb. First edit completed for Chapters 1-10.  45,000 words complete. 

27 Feb. Meeting with Adrian Franklin at his home in West Byfleet.

10 Mar. First draft of the text completed and list of Plates nearly there – there will be 32pp.

18 Mar. Typesetting ongoing. 

21 Mar. Typesetting draft finished out for checking. Final checks on plates.

25 Mar. First Barrier Talk at Forest of Blean Rotary Club. Approx 40 guests, introduced by

Les Leslie. Well received.

28 Mar. Final text checks and typesetting completed. Many thanks to Terry Bannon, Charlotte Mournsey and Russell Kilmister.

Order placed for printers. 

3 April. U3A confirmed talk for April 2025

5 April. Clays confirm delivery of books to Canterbury on 25 April. Due to be published on 20 May when it will be available online

19 April. Book given good plug at Costain Dinner in London.  Met up with Adrian Franklin, Rick Randall, Phil Grice, Alistair Handford and Ian Ronchetti.

25 April. Books delivered from printers. 

1 May. Interview with Richard Hakiman, editor of the New Civil Engineer, for a new podcast.

8 May. 40th Anniversary of opening of the barrier. Visited the site with Sam Cornberg and all the gates were raised. A sunny day, but few visitors around and met the new Operations Manager. Media visited yesterday.

9 May. Institution of Civil Engineers Event on Thames Barrier held in London. Full house with 120 attending. Attended by the President Anusha Shah, and I was the first speaker on history and construction of the barrier, followed by Andy Batchelor the operating manager on the present, and a speaker from the Environment Agency on the future. Well received and 60 books already sold. 

10 May. Podcast interview with the editor of the New Civil Engineer Rob Hakieman and Richard Bayfield, who will be the new ICE Vice President in November

11 May. Photograph received of group shot of those who worked on the barrier at the ICE Event. Those shown in the lineup include: 

Anusha Shah ICE President 2024, 

Richard Bayfield ICE Vice President for 2025 & Student Engineer 1976,

Andy Batchelor EA Operations Manager for Thames Barrier 2024,

Dick Tappin RPT Chief Engineer for the Steel Gates 1973,

Alan Mitchell RPT Chief Engineer for the Concrete Works 1973,

Bill Reynolds RPT Site Engineer 1976,

Adrian Franklin CTHJV Project Manager 1980-82,

Paul Sivey CTHJV Sills Manager 1976-82,

Alistair Handford CTHJV Site and Pier Manager 1975-8,

Sam Cornberg CTHJV Site Engineer 1975-80,

Mike Burnett CTHJV Site Engineer 1978- 80,

Rory O’Grady CTHJV Site Engineer 1975-80.

12 May. A good article in The Times newspaper on the barrier by Adam Vaughan the Environment Editor. He requested a book which has been sent.

13 May. The book is now up on the Amazon website. Further details to be added.

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