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Sheila Lane

Sheila Lane. Photo received from her sister-in-law, Margary Lane, by the author during an interview on November 7 2021.

2022 NEWS

2023 NEWS

The Flight of The Arctic Fox
2021 NEWS

23 Aug. Printing of 1st Edition Completed by Clays with 1000 copies.

2 Sep. to do review for their website.

2 Sep. British Gliding Association (BGA) to do review for their magazine

7 Sep. Published by Conrad Press.

9-23 Sep. Tour of England. 

1 Oct. Kent Life magazine article and book review.

11 Oct. Ireland Visit, Inistioge, Co Kilkenny to visit Terry and Nuala Bannon.

13 Oct. Press Releases to Italian, Irish, Maltese and Australian media.

Visit to Barbara and Donald Ogilvy Watson, Co Wicklow.

13 Oct. KCLR Radio Kilkenny Interview with Sue Nunn.

14 Oct. Dinner with Carol Bannon and Sebastian Thompson, Dublin.

15 Oct. Dinner with Nuala Mary Bannon and husband Pat Macken, Dublin.

18 Oct. Aeroplane magazine to do review.

22 Oct. Patrick Heron, writer and journalist to do review.

29 Oct. Viscount illustrator Nick Webb received copy of book.

30 Oct. Press Release translated into Italian and sent to Nettuno.

30 Oct. Sheila Lane family traced to Dorset by Morag Bain in Australia.

5 Nov. Bournemouth Echo interview in Bournemouth.

7 Nov. Interview with Richard Adlam, 90 year-old funeral director in Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. He knew Sheila Lane, buried her brother in 2019 and gave contact for Margary Lane.

7 Nov. Interview with Margary Lane in Salisbury, Wilts, who is the sister in law of Sheila Lane. Knew Sheila and supplied photos and details. Her story to be revised

8 Nov. Order received for 100No books for Agenda Bookshops in Malta. Dispatched on 19 November. With thanks to assistance from Roderick Chalmers and Martin Miller.

10 Nov. Interview with Nicola Baddley published in Bournemouth Echo.

26 Nov. Interview recorded with Deal Radio, Kent with Richard Sirot for the programme Paperback Writer. To be broadcast in December.

27 Nov. I received an email from a new contact Gillian Golden, who is the niece of Richard Golden. She enjoyed the book and will be visiting Nettuno in 2022

28 Nov. I received various items from my nephew from a chest in an attic that originally belonged to my elder sister who passed on in 2007. These included a 1958 diary kept by my brother up to October detailing all the BEA flights he was on that year, his wallet, a BEA pin and his cufflinks. I had never seen them before. From their condition they must have been recovered from the crash. BE142 is still revealing its secrets.

29 Nov. Favourable review by Glynn Bradley published in BGA Sailplane and Gliding magazine Dec/Jan edition. See update of Reviews under 

The Flight of the Arctic Fox.

3 Dec. Favourable review in Article Magazine (online) by Patrick Heren, writer, author

and journalist.

10 Dec. Lunch in London with Patrick Heren and Daniel Johnson editor of The Article.

27 Dec. Two page Article published in The Times of Malta see Reviews under

The Flight of the Arctic Fox.

28 Dec. Date of broadcast with Richard Sirot on Deal Radio postponed to mid Jan 2022.

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