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The true story of Sir Frederick Lugard, explorer, anti-slaver, first Governor-General of Nigeria, and Flora Shaw, renowned journalist and first female colonial editor for The Times.


There is still a great fascination with the British Empire.  Opinions vary widely about Great Britain’s imperial past, about the extraordinary people who shaped it and were willing to sacrifice everything for it.


This remarkable, engrossing book tells the true story of two of the British Empire’s most pivotal characters, Sir Frederick Lugard and Flora Shaw.  It is the story of his early years, a life-changing affair in India and subsequent travels as a soldier to Afghanistan and Sudan, as an explorer in east Africa and South Africa, his turbulent years as Governor of Hong Kong and concludes dramatically with the founding of Nigeria.   


It tells how Frederick and Flora met, loved and transformed each other’s lives to become one of the most formidable and famous couples of the early twentieth century, and how, through their efforts, they helped improve the lives of millions of people in Africa.

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