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This book gives an overview of the construction challenges involved in the building of this unique bridge and is illustrated with dramatic photographs which celebrate this award-winning structure.


Rory worked on the construction of the bridge for five years with the joint venture of Japanese contractors and was invited to write a book in 2010. That same year it received  the supreme award for structural Engineering Excellence by the institution of Structural Engineers.


Stonecutters Bridge was the second longest cable stayed bridge in the world when opened in 2009 and is a marvel of engineering excellence that set new standards in bridge construction. It spans 1018m across the entrance to one of the busiest container ports in the world and with the distinctive elegant 300m high towers provides Hong Kong with another stunning iconic sight.


A joint venture consisting of Maeda Hitachi Yokogawa and Hsin Chong was awarded the contract in 2004 and gathered a multinational team of specialist designers, fabricators, site engineers and local workers to construct this complex innovative structure over five typhoon seasons.

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